I couldn’t find you on the internet?

It may surprise you to know that today over 80% of all your customers now research purchases online BEFORE they buy.  Shoppers no longer use sources like Yellow Pages or the Newspapers.  They use search engines such as Google and … Continue reading

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The Importance of Keyword Domains for your Business

There is a common expression in the real estate industry. “Location, Location, Location” is the mantra. Always purchase real estate in the best location you can possibly afford. Assuming real estate prices improve over time, well located real estate should enjoy the best appreciation. Does it work? Absolutely, for the most part well located real estate has historically enjoyed higher rates of appreciation and a subsequent increase in liquidity (ability to sell quickly).

If one then realizes that the internet is basically a huge collection of “online real estate” it becomes very easy to understand how to operate and build a business online.
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To Bingle or Blekko? That is the Question

To Bingle or Blekko Continue reading

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What’s all the hype about Kajabi?

Well it’s simple really. It’s a marketer’s dream sales platform…… built by marketers for marketers. Think SALES. Continue reading

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Never Surrender Your Dream

Do you have a dream today?
Can you see yourself in one year, three years, ten years?
Far from some pie-in-the-sky hype, dreams are the currency of the Internet….read more Continue reading

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