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Search Engine Optimization

What are the Stakes:

Local business needing Search Engine Optimization in Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge & Vancouver we'd like to talk to you!

Sadly, all too often, businesses have no real concept of what the stakes are in being #1 in Google or even in the top ten. So let's start with a BOLD statement.


Yes, you read that right, up to forty times more traffic... free!

Could you do more business with 40x the traffic on your website?

DropWizard specializes in assisting businesses, local or international, improve their search engine rankings, particularily on Google.

There are 5 major points to a successful ongoing internet marketing campaign.

  1. S.E.O - Search engine optimization of the website.
  2. Content - Search engines love content and plenty of it.
  3. Backlinks - It is important to have lots of backlinks.
  4. Distribution - You must be able to distribute content.
  5. Action - Customers must take action at the site when visiting.

So let's talk about the internet. Some simple facts. In 2010 for the first time more money will be spent on internet advertising than print. Local search, using the internet to research local businesses before doing business with them, is now in the billions of searches and growing by 50% a year.

If you think about it there is a certain common sense to this. A yellow page ad, or a newspaper ad for a business can hold maybe a name, address, phone, hours of operation and maybe some small info about your specialties or sales. They cost thousands of dollars and there is little accountability or tracking of results available to you.

A website can be built to thousands of pages and your customers can spend as much time as they like perusing your site before calling or coming by. You can track where and how they arrive, keywords that bring them, how long they stay and what pages they follow through including whether or not they submitted a request for more information or purchased a product. In a word...Accountability. Accountability to the advertiser who is spending the money.

Your website can also be changed quickly to accomodate new branches, new products, sales etc etc. Try doing that with a yellow pages ad!

So how can we help. Well somewhere along the line in managing the thousands of websites we own we realized we had a vast repository of tools, processes and knowledge that were ideal to help business people like you get more results. Frequently being able to spend less overall advertising dollars to do just that.


This stands for Search Engine Marketing which is the ongoing process of ensuring that your website continues to grow with content and backlinks and customer action results.


This stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of ensuring your website is as search engine friendly as possible. Website designers understand buyers like "pretty", websites are frequently not set up with the search market in mind. We understand there are trade off's and will look at your site and report on improvements that can be made.


Your website should be a minimum of 6-10 pages to get anywhere in the search engines. If all you have is a basic name, address, phone number kind of site you'll never get anywhere. There's too much competition.


Search engines love content. Articles, videos, news releases, blogs and chatrooms and more.


We can distribute MASS content over the web quickly.


These processes allow you to build backlinks to your site quickly and professionally. I'll cover that more later on.


We'll design professional landing pages with lead capture ideas that get the customer to take action in contacting you, submitting a form or phoning. After all this is what it's all about.


Please use the contact page to contact me. Or call me direct M-F 9-5 778-298-4479 (Langley BC) to talk.

 How we can help

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