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Why are Business Owners spending 90% of  their advertising budgets chasing 2% of the traffic?

Business owners sometimes fail to understand the stakes of being the #1 free result in Google. They far prefer to spend money on programs, such as Google Adwords, buying clicks for their websites.


Traffic will be up to 40X greater for the #1 free site, Google reports up to 50% of all traffic will click on the #1 free result.  In fact, on average, 98% of all traffic searching for your business prime keywords go to the free results.

In Fact:

Free sites #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 & #10 all get more traffic than you can buy from Adwords.  FREE!  Site #6,7,8 & 9 all get at least equal traffic to what you can purchase from adwords.  The bad news, they get it free too. 

Yet if you were looking at where businesses are spending money you'd be astounded to learn that almost 90% of their budgets are being spent on adwords chasing 1-2% of the traffic while only 10% is being spent on the other 98%.

Let's look at some common keyword results: "Googles own Figures"

Keyword Jul22/2010

traffic monthly cost/click

clicks a day

daily cost free clicks/mo % CTR
Dui 4.9 million/mo $11.35 407 $4,733 2.45 mill 0.002%
Drunk Driving 1.22 million/mo $4.46 93 $426 610,000 0.002%
Plastic Surgeon


$4.53 143 $664 275,000 0.001%
Hot Tub 2.2 million/mo $2.38 625 $1,506 1.1 mill 0.001%
Mortgage Broker 368,000/mo $6.72 161 $1,104 184,000 0.01%
Lawyer 11.1 million/mo


1,299 $12,614 5.55 mill 0.004%

All these keywords were picked at random and everyone of them has a CTR (click thru rate) so far below 1% as to be almost statistically "zero".

But Where do Businesses spend Money?

Here is a breakdown of where money is being spent.

SEM Spend

Amazingly, PPC accounts for only 10.5% of the market yet gets 88.8% of the budget. SEO & SEM account for 89.4% of the traffic, yet get only 10.75% of the spend.

The real facts are: 

Business owners are looking through the wrong end of the telescope, spending huge amounts of money on a diminishing traffic source while vast quantities of free traffic pass by untapped.  And the SEM SEO is CHEAPER!  What is SEO and SEM.  The process of optimizing your website and distributing your content over the web.  Ensuring that you get that top 10 position.  Something we excel at.

If any of this makes sense to you hit reply to the email you received and let's talk.  Or call me direct M-F 9-5 778-298-4479 (Langley BC) to talk.  You can also use the contact page

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