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The internet today and getting top 10 positions on search engines is about one thing - Content Distribution. 

We bring massive distribution capability to the table.  And I mean MASSIVE!


Typically a SEO company will offer to build 2-3 links a month for a client, we can build thousands of links in the same time using our tools. 


Unless you maintain a full time employee to distribute your articles and videos (yes you should be doing this) you face logging into and uploading daily or weekly to hundreds of sites.  We can do all of that with the click of a button!

DropWizard has many tools designed to make the job of building your search engine position a lot easier:

  1. We submit to over 60,000 blogs (various topics) 
  2. We submit to over 600 article directories
  3. We submit to 120 social & bookmarking sites
  4. We submit to video sites
  5. We have a article directory of over 130,000 articles to help you
  6. Professional video production and syndication 
  7. Do-it-yourself video syndication
  8. Produce and submit hundreds of unique articles on your behalf.

These submission activities would take many hours or days each week for you logging in and uploading yet we do all of these automatically for you for one monthly fee.

In addition we also do:

  1. SEO advice
  2. SEM advice
  3. Custom Sales Landing pages (take action)
  4. Custom Lead capture pages (take action)
  5. Develop action taking tools
  6. Website design
  7. Smartphone apps for your business
  8. Autoresponders
  9. 1 click SMS,Email, phone responders
  10. Keyword research (what keywords should you shoot for?)
  11. We own thousands of Keyword domains or work with your own
  12. Domain purchase, lease or rent advice

How effective is this?  Let me show you.  About a  year ago I submitted one article to about 100 sites.  This is what it's grown to today.  Sites have picked it up as content and all links lead back to our site.

 The Role Of The Benefit Consultant

As you can see that one article has now been picked up and reproduced by webmasters 5,380 times (by May 9, 2010).  Rather than have one article on our site which it unlikely no one would read we now have over 5,000 chances.  Imagine if you were submitting one or two articles a week......

We have many sites in the top 5 - top 10 in Google using our methods.

The bad news?  We only work with one person-industry-company per area of influence.  It wouldn't be fair otherwise.

Please use the contact page to contact me.  Or call me direct M-F 9-5 778-298-4479 (Langley BC) to talk.

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